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R&D F1 Simulation

R&D Engineering

Racing redefined - motorsport as it is currently too inaccessible, and now more than ever it needs to be engaging a new and wider audience at grass roots level to provide it with lifeblood for the future. R&D Engineering (RDE) is about putting everyone in the driver’s seat.

R&D Engineering has coalesce together the most advanced F1 racing simulation technology with real world racing to create a totally new and entertaining sport that will meet the requirements of an ever more discerning and demanding, experience seeking audience.

R&D Engineering F1 Simulation is designed for all who love the thrill of sporting competition and the fulfillment that comes from playing an active part in a dynamic and radical global community. Amongst its principle values R&D Engineering aims to challenge youth indolence and get them engaged in a wholesome, environmentally sensitive and physically demanding sport that combines the adrenalin surging excitement of racing with the absolute pinnacle of computer technology and gaming, enabling them also to mix with a range of age groups.

Pure Technology

R&D Engineering created this racing centre where real people really meet together and have an input in to the direction and development of the sport into the future. To enable this, the racing centre features the most advanced simulator technology, comprising both software and hardware. It means drivers know they can directly compare their performance to current real world drivers.

Pure Experience

The minimum of seven (7) mini capsule simulators and two (3) full size simulators in KL Tower F1 Simulation centre create an authentic racing environment. The racing formats and technology utilised serve the single purpose of creating a totally exciting and engaging racing experience. Racing in a simulated environment against other real drivers does not equal simulated racing - it equals real racing. Racing is racing and this is the key to the whole experience.